Veteran Care

Veteran Services: Inspection of ears; Wax removals; Complete hearing evaluations; Hearing Aid Fittings & Verifications; Cleaning/adjusting current hearing instruments. We have offices in both Kalispell & Libby

We are passionate about providing the care that Veterans SHOULD be provided

We work with the Montana VA at Ft. Harrison and are a Triwest Choice Provider.

We have a dedicated Doctor of Audiology on staff specifically to care for our Veterans

Veteran Survey Results

How satisfied are you with Moore Hearing?

  • “VERY SATISFIED” 92% 92%

How would you rate the quality of care received?

  • “VERY POSITIVE” 93% 93%

Would you recommend Moore Hearing to others?

  • “YES” 100% 100%

How responsive is Moore Hearing to your needs?

  • “VERY RESPONSIVE” 96% 96%

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your type of hearing loss?

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