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“Their customer service is wonderful!”

“I am a U.S. Naval Veteran and have received outstanding benefits for my hearing loss. Moore Hearing has an excellent program, with care staff and trained professionals. Their customer service is wonderful. I can’t believe how much better I am hearing and how well I am being treated. I give Moore Hearing and Dr. Amy Nelloms an A+ rating!”

Chuck D.

“I am surprised just how much I’ve been missing!”

“When I first went to Moore Hearing, I was immediately taken by their interest and understanding of my personal situation. They explained I would have a difficult time adjusting to hearing devices since I’d had my hearing loss for so long…they were right. I am surprised just how much I’ve been missing for the past 40-plus years! I recommend a visit to Moore Hearing. You’ll be more than pleased with the ability and friendliness of the entire staff.”

Bill T.

“Very professional, friendly, and courteous!”

“I would like to thank Moore Hearing for the exemplary service I have received at their facility. I feel fortunate to have been assisted by Dr. Amy Nelloms, who has been very professional, friendly, and courteous. Choosing Moore Hearing for my hearing needs has proven to be a wise decision.”

Ken T.

“They ensured I was happy and satisfied!”

“Thank you, Moore Hearing, for the excellent care and advice you’ve given me. As I went through the process of choosing a hearing aid, your staff ’s friendliness and professionalism made the process a pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Moore Hearing to anyone with a hearing loss. Thank you again!”

Germaine H.

“My whole world changed!”

“Unbelievable experience with Moore Hearing! I am finally hearing sounds with my new hearing aids that I have been missing for most of my life. Being a young adult and being able to take full advantage of my hearing has opened more doors than I could have imagined. After a few follow-up visits, my whole world changed. Thank you, Moore Hearing!”

Matt D.

“I now go to work with confidence!”

“Thank you, Moore Hearing! You have helped to improve my quality of life greatly! I now go to work with confidence, knowing I will hear what important things my patients might say, as well as the other team members and physicians. Again, thank you for your professionalism and for improving my quality of life.”

Jennifer C.

“They ensured I was happy and satisfied!”

“Moore Hearing is a professional office with a caring team and a welcoming environment. I was educated on my hearing loss and provided with hearing aid solutions. They are genuinely concerned with your progress. I had several follow-up visits, ensuring I was happy and satisfied. I would definitely recommend Moore Hearing to others for their hearing care needs.”

Don S.

“Moore Hearing has enriched my life!”

“I have been wearing hearing aids from Moore Hearing for several years now. The help I’ve received has been very professional and personal. I felt that they listened carefully to my needs and made sure to fit me with the aids to fit my lifestyle. My time with friends and family is enhanced; I take part in many activities at my church and can travel independently. We all have limitations, but having state-of-the-art aids from Moore Hearing has enriched my life.”

Marge Z.

“I don’t have to turn up the volume!”

“After I was fitted with new hearings aids, I realized how much I’d missed visiting with people. Everyone at Moore Hearing was great in helping make sure the aids were adjusted right. The sharpness was fine-tuned and the aids are loud enough to hear everything. Even TV is more fun, and I don’t have to turn up the volume. My granddaughters have soft voices, and I am able to hear them! Thank you, Moore Hearing!”

Alice N.

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